Anything new starts with you

Anita's journey finding her next step in entrepreneurship

If you start now or you don’t start now...

Desirée Rumbaugh shares how yoga philosophy has influenced her approach to living.

Then and Now


In sports, you get points for a good dismount

Howard takes an intentional approach to his dismount from a career into his new venture

My Life Flows On in Endless Song



The Hunger for Personal Reinvention is one that accompanies aging. With an aging population, personal reinvention becomes a more critical way for human beings to continue to find fulfillment in longer lives.

What fears keep you up at night?

When you were seven, nightmares might have been filled with bad guys and monsters. The fears you have today are likely more eerily real and perhaps too close for comfort. Did you forget your pants?

Taking a family business international

Lisa Ondrejcek shares her journey starting a family business, how to grow a business, and taking a family business international, especially as you and your family grow older too.

never feel guilty for starting again

Reflections on Poetry by rupi kaur, New York Times Bestselling Author and Illustrator of two poetry books and Instagram extraordinaire.

When I Do Something New

International Speaker and Founder of Never Leave the Playground Stephen Jepson shares his philosophy on healthy aging, fitness, and growing up. Hint: Stephen believes you never grow up if you never leave the playground.

I like being a beginner again and again.

LeAnne Ries shares her mid life crisis experience turning 50 through her poetry. The desert of Yakima, Washington was not enough to keep the water of the sea out of LeAnne's poems.

I still feel young and vibrant. I want to go to work.

Bob Machen is on a quest that inspires him everyday. He founded a company to fight growing waste and landfills that uses science to make the world a better place. Go STEM!

Sometimes the path to our dreams is not a straight line.

Meet Gayle Joseph, brand builder, storyteller, and business owner. Gayle has been a successful public relations professional, now turned entrepreneur and grandmother.

Human beings are like slow cooking soups.

Dave Deming shares how a little persistence can go a long way when it comes to being an entrepreneur. Dave is the man behind the beautiful drumstick called Dem'sticks.

When I go out to the hangars...

Mike Mullett talks about how he got his business Laser Aviation started and how he started a business combining his passion with his strengths.

You have to believe.

Lynn DeLean Weber shares how she, her husband, and her daughter started a small distillery in Missouri that's now receiving national acclaim.

You've got an idea...

Just because you have an idea, doesn't mean a business pops out of thin air. How do you take an idea and start building a business advice from TEDTalk Speaker and Senior Entrepreneur Paul Tasner.

How many ideas does it take?

How to find a good business idea from TEDTalk speaker and Senior Entrepreneur Paul Tasner of Pulpworks Inc.

Age is not important...

...unless you are cheese. Helen Hayes was an American actress for 80 years. Talk about longevity.

When you grow up

What do you want to be? A doctor? A lawyer? A leader? You have the choice and you can choose again and again.